History Teller Productions - Bringing History to Life
History Teller Productions provides live, Civil War story-telling with enlightening, entertaining & educational portrayals of special participants from the American Civil War.  The thoughts, emotions and deeds of those who made history are brought to life through first person portrayals.
Our audiences experience a more sincere and authentic presentation from a live story teller...and can ask questions!  That means each and every member of the audience can have a conversation with the likes of John "Tiger" McCausland - the Destroyer of Chambersburg, John Mosby - the Gray Ghost of Virginia, Franklin Haskell  - the hero of the High Water Mark at Gettysburg, Wade Hampton - the soldier & statesman of South Carolina, James Colwell - the Carlisle attorney, father & husband who never returned to his loving wife Annie and J.E.B. Stuart- the dashing, daring Confederate Cavalier
Private John Mosby, early in his service with the 1st VA Cavalry, as he would have posed with a captured Union batteryHistoric story telling provides a more realistic means with which to learn about history and to benefit from that knowledge.  The message and presentation are both informative and inspiring.  We are available for corporate functions, educational presentations and public events.  
Lt. Frank Haskell of the Please refer to our Scheduled Appearances page and check back for updates to our website. 

The Sesquicentennial continues and there is much more to come!